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Consumer Anthropology
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Welcome to Ethnographic Insight, Inc., where qualitative marketing research provides your business with the ultimate vantage point—a close-up of your company's products and services through the eyes of your consumer.

Ethnographic Insight anthropologists are experts in ethnography. We have academic training, years of fieldwork experience, and are innovators in the application of anthropological models and methods to marketing research.

We provide you with a real-world understanding of consumer preferences, motivations, and needs by examining the environments consumers inhabit and the socio-cultural influences on their behaviors. Such insights translate into strategic business opportunities, including improved customer loyalty and increased competitive advantage.

Our client roster includes Fortune 500 companies, such as Microsoft, PepsiCo, and as well as government agencies (City of Olympia) and nonprofits (Pickford Film Center). Let our experience and expertise bring you to the vantage point, where breakthrough products and services stem from an intimate knowledge of your customer base.

We specialize in:Podcast - Social Networking
  • Consumer research that reveals the unspoken cultural and social patterns that shape consumer behavior
  • Intelligent research design which delivers actionable, "big picture" findings for clear return on investment
  • Market expertise: technology, retail, packaged goods, consumer electronics, and sustainability
  • Integrity and commitment to service: we take no short-cuts and devote unparalleled attention to every project

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Ethnography Expert Ethnographic Insight Founder Norman Stolzoff, Ph.D.

Q: What is Ethnography?

A: Ethnography is the study of people in their natural or "native" environments—where they live, work, shop, and play. It is a set of complementary techniques developed within the discipline of anthropology...

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ethnography research
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