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Consumer Anthropology
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Ethnographic Insight is a highly responsive company, able to expand our scope or narrow our focus depending on the project. Our research and consulting is tailored to your needs, always keeping in mind that no two projects, like no two clients, are alike. Let our experience and expertise give you the competitive advantage, where breakthrough products and services stem from an intimate knowledge of your customer base.


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Ethnography Expert

"As early adopters of anthropology we were eager to engage Ethnographic Insight given their reputation for providing authentic consumer ethnography. They did not disappoint. Their executive team provided us a comprehensive understanding of the cruise decision process. These consumer insights are reverberating around our company and transforming the way Princess thinks about marketing to its target consumers.

In this economic climate, cutting corners on research is a temptation, but Ethnographic Insight has validated our belief that foundational research on consumer's actual experience and emotions is essential to strategic growth."

Jan Swartz
Princess Cruises

ethnography research
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