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Consumer Anthropology
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Our Clients

Ethnographic Insight is a highly adaptable company, able to expand its scope or narrow its focus depending on the project. Our marketing research is tailored to your needs, always keeping in mind that no two projects, like no two clients, are alike. Let our experience and expertise give you the competitive advantage, where breakthrough products and services stem from an intimate knowledge of your customer base.

Our clients include:


Technology, Internet, and Mobile
Technology and Internet Clients


Food and Packaged Goods
Food & Packaged Goods Clients


Food & Travel Clients for Ethnograpic Research


Ethnographic Retail Clients


Sustainability Clients


Media, Advertising, and Branding
Media, Advertising, and Branding Clients


Government and Non-Profit
Government and Non-Profit Clients

Ethnography Expert

"The Ethnographic Insight team conducted a foundational ethnography on sustainability to help us learn more about what consumers really believe and do when it comes to being green. Because the findings of this study were so informative, we arranged for a large team, which included several Frito Lay departments and outside marketing partners, to attend an all-day interactive presentation/workshop. This has been a boon because it has allowed our cross-functional partners to refer to the study in their own work. EI’s research delivered the depth of information we were looking for, and has allowed us to further frame up our true consumer target and reshape our sustainability strategy.”

Anne Smith
Brand Manager
Environmental Sustainability Marketing
Frito-Lay, Inc.

ethnography research
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