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Patient-Centricity & The Covid Pandemic: A Conversation with Victor Montori, MD

In a thought provoking discussion with renowned Mayo Clinic endocrinologist, Victor Montori, MD, I explored a range of topics about the current Covid-19 is shaping the current moment. Our riveting dialogue examined whether or not the crisis represents a turning point for a “patient revolution for careful and kind care.”

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Anthro-Vision: A New Way to See in Business and Life, Gillian Tett, Avid Reader Press (2021)

This book offers extensive ideas about how to gain anthro-vision, using personal and third-party stories that explore questions such as: Why do we need offices? Why do investors misread risks? What matters to modern consumers? What should economists learn from Cambridge Analytica? What is driving green finance? How should governments Build Back Better? How does culture interact with computers? Before plunging into the details, however, there are three core principles of the anthropology mindset that are the most important to grasp, and which shape the structure of this book. The first idea is that in an era of global contagion, we urgently need to cultivate a mindset of empathy for strangers and value diversity.”

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Wake the Town and Tell the People: Dancehall Culture in Jamaica, Norman C. Stolzoff, Duke University Press (2000)

“Based on 18 months of fieldwork in Kingston, Jamaica, this is the best kind of scholarly writing—careful research driven by a fan’s consuming passion. . . .”
Rob Kenner, Vibe Magazine

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