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From Norman Stolzoff, Founder of Ethnographic Insight

When responding to inquiries–making pitches–to prospective new clients, I am invariably asked to talk about my relevant consumer insights research experience.  Understanding that clients want to hear about studies that are close to their own category of business, I try to speak about past projects that the client might possibly find a thread of connection to. 

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Ethnography News

Chief Culture Officer, Grant McCracken, Basic Books, A Member of the Perseus Books Group, (2009)

“The CCO [Chief Culture Officer] must be prepared to admit ignorance and ask naive questions. And this takes a certain humility. There are no fixed questions in an ethnographic interview. This is because the method is designed to proceed opportunistically, to capture the unknown unknowns…. The ethnographic interview is adaptive.”

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Wake the Town and Tell the People: Dancehall Culture in Jamaica, Norman C. Stolzoff, Duke University Press (2000)

“Based on 18 months of fieldwork in Kingston, Jamaica, this is the best kind of scholarly writing—careful research driven by a fan’s consuming passion. . . .”
Rob Kenner, Vibe Magazine

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