Transforming Customer Insight into Strategic Action


Consulting Services

In today’s business world, most organizations are not lacking for market-related data. But knowing what information to pay attention to, and more importantly, what it means, is the challenge. We provide a variety of consulting services to assist teams in building a customer insights strategy. We help you focus on what information is critical to gather, where there are gaps, and how to separate the signal from the noise. We provide a process for sorting through data to generate insights and then how to translate these insights into strategic action. We also provide consultation on how to transform your organizational culture to facilitate alignment across silos to catalyze innovation and growth.

Working with EI has allowed us to critically examine both our internal business practices and our external communication with customers so that we can get in better alignment and move forward with a renewed sense of energy and direction.

The value of working with EI all came together in a day-long workshop they led with 20 members of our management team. Their facilitation was able to harness the passion and talent of our team through some tough terrain—an honest discussion of what is holding our organization back and the concrete steps needed to make a profound shift in our culture.

Thanks to EI we are now moving full steam ahead to implement these changes to better meet our shoppers needs, transform our culture, and fulfill our mission to the community.”

Jim Ashby, General Manager, Community Food Co-Op