Custom Training in Ethnographic Research


Customer Engagement Training

Customer engagement is at the heart of becoming more customer-centric and is a powerful predictor of business growth. This training teaches the tools necessary to gather insights from customers in order to understand them better, empowers individuals and teams to adopt a customer-centric mindset, and helps achieve alignment within departments and organizations around being responsive to customers.

Foundations in Ethnography

We offer multi-day introductory trainings in ethnographic research. Past workshops incorporated concepts and tools of ethnography, in-home research, frameworks for analysis, and translation of insights into business action. These trainings are conducted and customized at the request of organizations. We also occasionally schedule workshops open to students and professionals from all fields.

Past clients include: FedEx, Pfizer, Froedtert Medical, 3M, RB, & the SBA

Ethnographic Insight was a great partner in helping us design and deliver a series of trainings within our organization. With engaging delivery, relevant exercises, vivid examples, and thorough leave-behind guides, we created significant impact and engagement.”
Olesya Govorun, Global Customer Experience Marketing Lead, Pfizer

I am far more connected to my customers than I used to be. I see and hear them with ‘fresh eyes,’ and I feel like I’m hearing so much more now because I’m listening hard for those latent needs. I knew intuitively that latent needs were out there, but the workshop reinforced that latent needs exist and are definitely buried somewhere in the stories. It motivated me to listen and dig differently.”

Senior User Experience Researcher, Ethnographic Foundations

I found working with such a diverse group of people really interesting and found the course much more in depth and interactive than imagined. I know it’s business, but thank you for taking the time from your home and family to present to us. A great job and the learnings I will use in the weeks and months to come during our planning phase.”

Market Manager, Customer Centricity Training

Just a very brief note to say sincere thanks again for your professionalism, expertise, inspiration, and indeed great humour over the last day and a half. You left a lasting impression which will resonate as we work on our insights in market.”

Sales & Marketing Manager, Insights Gathering Training

We haven’t stopped talking about what a great workshop this was, so thanks for developing this and working with us to help us get the most out of the two days. It really challenged our thought process in this space and has taken us forward.”

Account Director, Insights Gathering Training