Specialized Projects for Innovative Teams

Practice Areas

For more than 20 years, Ethnographic Insight has worked with companies and agencies of all sizes, to design research-driven solutions for everything from digital apps to kitchen appliances, orthodontics to wearables. We are seasoned tech generalists who are continually expanding into new practice areas, confident that our core principles, expertise, and ability to learn about emerging domains can add value to your business and culture.


We got our start in the technology sector, focusing on the smart home, and this has continued to be one of our core strengths during this era of rapid change. Our work examines people’s holistic user experience and customer experience with technology products and services, from early adoption to mainstream use.

Medical & Patient

In the last several years, the demand for our services in the healthcare industry (drug development, medical devices, care delivery) has grown remarkably. We have been addressing unique challenges and unmet needs in the areas of burden of illness, patient-centered outcomes, patient journeys, value stories, and patient advocacy. Our projects have included a focus on a novel therapy for osteoarthritis, a companion app for narcolepsy, orthodontics, and aging.

Mobile Commerce

Mobile technology has transformed all facets of daily life—the way we communicate, work, shop, and recreate. It has added both efficiency and complexity to the customer journey. We are not only experts in the omnichannel customer journey, we also have experience in managing web development for apps and the mobile web.

Retail & Shopping

We examine the retail process from a holistic perspective, including planning, shopping, purchasing, loyalty, competition, and advocacy. Our 360° ethnographic studies produce insights and opportunities that can be tapped and leveraged for strategic competitive advantage.


The travel, entertainment, and lifestyle markets are especially well-suited for ethnographic research since they typically involve a process (planning) and a customer journey (experiential) with multiple touchpoints.


Food, beverage and other consumer goods companies are shifting their focus away from product centricity (features and benefits) to consumer centricity (user needs, experiences, and brand engagement). We have helped many Fortune 500 companies repackage, rebrand, and reconnect with what customers actually do, need, and want.